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Together we are Better

Together We Can Create Change


We host a variety of community outreach programs that encourage volunteer participation and donations. Our activities include crafting and delivering care packages to communities in need, providing direct relief and making peoples days. 

Become an Advocate

Whether you want to donate money, make your own care package, or become a volunteer, there are many ways you can join us. After all, we are better together. 


With these turbulent times, worsened by the pandemic, many communities are being left behind to struggle. We aim to raise money to help impoverished communities and lend a helping hand. We craft care packages with food, water, feminine products, sanitation and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), and toys and games for children. Each care package will be specially made for the communities we are planning on reaching.

There are many people who cannot make their way to a soup kitchen or homeless shelter for a multitude of reasons, for example the working poor who may not be completely homeless but still could use a helping hand. As opposed to organizations that are situated in one location, we are mobile and therefore can help a variety of people in different areas. 

CONTACT US    609 - 610 - 7110  609-571-6722

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